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How do I update my Quicken or Quickbooks to Truity Credit Union? - FAQ


The 66 Federal Credit Union connection has been changed to Truity Credit Union, therefore members using that connection will not have to update the financial institution. KU, ConocoPhillips, and 66FCUNWA members will have to disconnect and reconnect accounts and select the Truity Credit Union as the financial institution. Below are detailed instructions on updating Quicken and Quickbooks.

Quicken 2011 for Windows - 2013: Direct Connect
Quicken 2011 for windows - 2013: Web Connect
Quicken Essentials Mac 2010: Direct Connect
Quicken Essentials Mac 2005-2007: Direct Connect
Quickbooks Windows 2011 - 2013: Direct Connect
Quickbooks Windows 2011 - 2013: Web Connect
Quickbooks Mac 2011-2013

Quicken only support versions 2011 and higher. More detailed Information and tutorials on Quicken/Quickbooks can be found on the Quicken website.

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