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Introducing the 24 Month Bump Certificate

  • 9/1/2017 8:11:04 AM
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Do you remember (back in the dark ages) when savings accounts earned dividends worth talking about? In July of 1984, 5 year certificate rates reached their peak of 12.06% APY according to Although rates may never be that high again, they are on the rise.

Take advantage of the uptick in savings rates right now with a Truity 24 Month Bump Certificate. Lock in a 2% APY with a minimum $2,000 for 24 months. 2% APY is our highest dividend rate for any certificate term right now. Over the next 24 months, if the 5 year certificate rate goes above 2% APY, you may bump your rate.

Keep watching our rates: you can only bump your rate once. When you decide the time is right, call or come in and we’ll apply the 5 year certificate rate on that day for the balance of your 24 month term. This is a limited time offer. Call 800.897.6991 or come in today to open your 24 month Bump Certificate.

To see current certificate rates, visit
*Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum deposit $2,000. 24 month Bump Certificate allows a one-time rate change during the term to the prevailing rate of the 60 month Certificate. Upon maturity, certificate will renew to the traditional 24 month term Certificate at the rate applicable on the renewal date. Early withdrawal may result in a penalty. Rates subject to change without notice. This limited time offer may be withdrawn at any time.
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