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Essential Checking Account

Essential checking gives you just that, the essentials. Manage your day-to-day finances without complex requirements.

Essential Checking


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Early direct deposit26
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18. Available on all checking accounts in the event there are not enough funds to cover a withdrawal transaction. Overdraft coverage from a savings account or an established line of credit will take only the amount needed to cover the transaction without any additional fee.

19. Courtesy Pay is a non-contractual courtesy and is discretionary. See the full disclosure here. Courtesy Pay may cover overdrafts as a result of checking, ATM, ACH, debit card transactions or other withdrawals. Other, less expensive protection against overdrafts may be available to you. Not available for Fresh Start accounts.

26Truity Credit Union may make incoming electronic deposits available for use up to two banking days before the scheduled deposit date. Weekends and federal holidays are not banking days. Early availability of deposits depends on when the notification of the deposit is received by Truity. This notification can vary and is under the control of the payer of the deposit – not Truity Credit Union. Early deposit is not a contractual obligation and does not guarantee future early deposits.

27 Truity Credit Union Members are eligible for the Greenlight SELECT plan at no cost when they connect their Truity account as the Greenlight funding source for the entirety of the promotion. Upgrades will result in additional fees. Plans start at $4.99/mo. See terms for details. Offer subject to chance or renewal.

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