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Truity Credit Union Blog > December 2023 > Truity is not affected by recent outages

Truity is not affected by recent outages

  • 12/4/2023

Good morning.

You may have seen or heard reports that 60 credit unions in the U.S. have been hit with outages due to a ransomware attack on Ongoing Solutions, a unit of St Petersburg, Fl - based Trellance.

Q. Is Truity Credit Union affected by the Ongoing Solutions / Credit Union outages due to ransomware?

A. No, Truity Credit Union isn’t involved with Ongoing Solutions, a unit of Trellance.

Q. What if Truity should have an outage?

A. Truity has several options to avoid service disruption. We have access to two fully functioning network systems. If we should experience an outage, we have a backup site; one isn’t dependent on the other. We have two failover sites should one not be available. Backup systems and security are tested extensively.

Q. Is my information safe?

A. Truity has dedicated staff and robust software to monitor for potential attacks continuously. We have an extensive vendor due diligence program to ensure the safety and security of our business partners.