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Truity Credit Union Blog > February 2020 > 5 Easy Steps to Start Saving

5 Easy Steps to Start Saving

  • 2/20/2020

1. Change Your Mindset – Savings are a necessary expense. When working out your monthly budget, include a little bit for savings too.

2. Use Cash Over Cards – This practice will help you stick to your budget.

3. Start Small – Every little bit counts. Think a dollar a day, five dollars a week, or $50 a month.

4. Make it Automatic – Set up direct deposit for your paycheck at Truity Credit Union, and automatically transfer whatever amount you choose to your savings account.  

5. Be a Smart Spender - Don’t spend your savings on luxury purchases. Instead, save up for those separately. 

        Truity makes it easier than ever to make the most of your savings. Open a Name It Save It account today! With no minimum to open, no monthly service fee and a great competitive rate, you’ll reach     your savings goals in no time.