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Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense insurance covers your end-of-life costs. In the event of an untimely death, you may be able to free your loved ones from the full cost of your final expenses.

Reasons To Consider This Product

  • If you want to give a gift to someone or help pay final expense bills (e.g., burial costs)
  • If you want guaranteed premiums, death benefit and cash values
  • If you don't want to hassle with medical exams or medical questions

Product Information

  • Instant policy issue if you are between ages 50 and 80 and qualify
  • Premiums will never increase, and the insurance will never decrease
  • Face Amounts of $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 available
  • As long as you pay your premiums, the product is guaranteed for your entire life

Related FAQs

Final Expense Insurance

Don't Leave Your Loved One Buried in Debt

Quote & Buy Online

No Health Questions
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
Can't Cancel Because of Age

Talk to a licensed agent at 877.449.6387.

This Final Expense insurance product is offered by an affiliate of Truity Credit Union and is not NCUA or NCUSIF insured. Truity Credit Union does not provide or guarantee this product and may not be held responsible in any event. Truity’s privacy policies do not apply to linked websites. You should consult the privacy disclosures on the Vantis Life website for further information. Insurance representatives are employees of Vantis Life and are not employees of Truity Credit Union.