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Term Life Insurance

Life insurance means you’re preparing your loved ones for the unexpected—a thoughtful and appreciated gesture. It’s designed to help safeguard growing financial commitments like day-to-day expenses, a mortgage, debt payments, and even aspirational promises like college costs for your kids.

Traditional Term Life Insurance

This option is a fully-underwritten term life insurance policy, and it offers higher coverage amounts than our instant-issue life insurance—plus, the underwriting process can handle specific lifestyle situations, such as health issues, international travel or high face amounts that instant issue insurance cannot accommodate. You can purchase face amounts, which is how much would be paid in the event of your death, ranging from $50,000 all the way up to $10 million and coverage terms that range from 10 to 30 years. Fully underwritten life insurance requires a more thorough process to qualify than an instant issue product and may include some form of a medical exam.

Our term product has the following features:

  • Get the best rates when you choose from the top carriers
  • Coverage up to $10 million
  • Products for all ages

Reasons To Consider This Product

  • If you want the best possible rates
  • If you have time for a medical exam and a longer closing process

Instant-Issue Term Life Insurance

The main difference between this product and our partner-provided traditional term insurance is that the application process and underwriting time are very different. Our product only requires a short application and the underwriting decision is usually made within minutes. Compared to traditional insurance, this spares you the hassles of a long paper application, medical exams, urine samples and weeks of waiting for a decision.

Instant-Issue Term Life Insurance has the following features:

  • Available for ages 20 through 60
  • Term lengths: 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
  • Coverage Amounts: $25,000 up to $350,000
  • Tobacco users can qualify
  • Available in all states except New York
  • Completely online application process
  • Average approval times of 3 minutes
  • Policy delivered electronically via email (all states except CA)
  • The product is renewable at the end of the term period

Reasons To Consider This Product

  • If you want to buy insurance quickly
  • If you don't want to hassle with medical exams
  • If you'd rather buy online than with an insurance agent

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