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Share Secured Loans

Share Secured loans are a way to make your money work for you. Borrow against your savings or certificates. Your good savings habit secures the loan and is a great way to build your credit.

Secured Loan

A share secured loan is a loan that is secured or guaranteed by a shareholder's savings account. A Share Secured Loan is a good idea if you are looking to build your credit or you need to make a necessary purchase but don't want to dip into your savings. With a Share Secured Loan, you borrow against your savings and receive a low-rate loan, while still earning interest on your financial resources on deposit!

Up to 60 months. Minimum of 12 Months per $1000. Rate is 2% above share rate variable.

Share Certificate Secured Loan

An important step toward achieving your financial goals is establishing good credit. With a Share Certificate Secured Loan, you can begin to build good credit by using share certificates as collateral for a loan. When you apply for a Share Certificate Secured Loan, you agree to "freeze" the dollar amount of the loan in your share certificate. The funds are used as collateral until you repay your loan. However, you continue to earn dividends on your funds. As you repay your loan, you regain access to the pledged funds.

Up to 60 months. Minimum of 12 Months per $1000. Rate is 2% above share certificate rate.


Type/Term APR
Share Secured Loan VARIABLE 2% Over the Current Dividend Rate
Share Certificate Secured Loan FIXED % the Current Dividend Rate

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Share Secured Loans

Great way to build credit!


Make Payment

Borrow from your own savings
Low rate lending
Borrow from your savings or certificates
Flexible terms up to 60 months
Rate 2% above share or certificate rate