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Truity Credit Union Blog > June 2022 > CEO Connect - Your Credit Score

CEO Connect - Your Credit Score

  • 6/7/2022

We’re excited to introduce “My Credit” to our robust digital banking platform.

I encourage all members to activate this free service that allows you to see your credit score from TransUnion on a regular basis. Members have been asking for this service and we listened.

The “My Credit” service will also help you better understand your credit score by providing grades on your payment history, credit usage, account mix, credit age and inquiries. Your credit report and a credit score simulator is also included.

Your credit score is used by insurance companies, mobile phone providers and other vendors as a factor in the services they provide to you. In addition, financial institutions use your score to determine the interest rate you will be charged.

The TransUnion score that is used in the “My Credit” is one of the scores that are available. There are two other credit-reporting agencies and each one has multiple scoring models. The score that appears in “My Credit” may not be the one that is used to approve your next loan, but I hope you utilize this as a tool to help improve your score over time. Improving your score will eventually save you money, with a lower interest rate, on your next auto loan or new credit card.

Please activate the “My Credit” feature in our digital banking app to take advantage of this service and work to better understand your credit score!

Dennis Halpin, President/CEO