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Business Continuity Plan

  • 10/17/2016 10:45:46 AM

Truity Credit Union, like most organizations, has a Business Continuity Plan, complete with backup systems and redundancies, to enact in the event of a tragedy or emergency. “We take our plans for disasters very seriously,” said CEO and President Kelly Diven. In fact, Truity tested its backup systems over three days during the third week of September 2016.

Testing backup systems is not unusual, but typically these tests are done in the middle of the night or over a weekend. Truity’s executive management recognized that all systems should be tested in the manner they would be used in a real emergency. In order to conduct a true test, they “failed over” to their backup systems on Tuesday, September 27. For three full days they operated using those backup systems; then they “failed back” to their main systems.

“We learned a lot during the test,” Diven said. “Although most of our systems worked flawlessly, we discovered a few areas to improve and tweaked some of our processes. The biggest benefit to doing the failover during regular hours is that all of our employees got to practice doing business like they would in an emergency.”

One of the most surprising events came when it was time to fail back. “A major internet cable was cut in Bartlesville just as we started to fail back,” said Diven. “The situation was a true test of our systems, but it did cause some delays and gaps in service. We apologize if you were unable to get through on our phones on Thursday.”

The credit union will be studying the failover test for weeks to come, looking for even more efficient ways to work in unusual circumstances. “Our members can rest assured that in the event of an emergency, their finances will be safe and accessible,” said Diven.