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Debt Protection

Debt Protection is a loan product option that will protect you, your loan, your credit, and most importantly your family during those unplanned events in life. Through death, disability, unemployment, and more, you can help your loved ones by being prepared for the financial changes that come along with these difficult situations. Debt Protection will cover your loan payment or possibly forgive your loan depending on the type of event.

Choose from the two plans listed below:

Plan Options Death Disability Involuntary
Rate per $1,000
of loan balance
  Single Joint
Member Guard Plus X X X $3.22 $5.85
Member Guard X X   $1.62 $2.82

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Debt Protection

Safeguard your loans, protect your family

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Debt Protection is available for: closed-end consumer loans; multi-featured consumer lending plans and consumer lines of credit (open-end loans); and credit cards.


There are eligibility requirements, conditions, and exclusions that apply to this program. Please contact us for additional details about the Debt Protection program.