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Enjoy early access to your paycheck with Truity's direct deposit feature. Get paid up to two days in advance¹, without fees or unexpected costs.

Here's how you can get paid early with Truity:

Join Truity

If you're not already a member, join Truity now to open your account. If you're already a member, you're halfway there!

Set up direct deposit

Sign up for direct deposit through your employer or other payor. We do not require you to enroll, and there are no fees.

That's it

When your direct deposit is available, we will quickly deposit it into your account! Enjoy early access to your paycheck with Truity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up for direct deposit?

A: Contact your employer or payor to set up direct deposit to your Truity account. You may need to supply Truity’s Routing Number (303184652) and your account number.

Q: What time will my deposit be made?

A: Deposit times may vary and are dependent on when we receive the information from the employer or payor. Deposits are only processed on business days—Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.¹

Q: Will funds from my direct deposit always arrive early?

A: No. Early payment is not guaranteed, and deposit time may vary depending on outside sources, like your employer or payor. Truity cannot guarantee that your deposit will always come in early.

Q: What if I’m already signed up for direct deposit with Truity?

A: You are automatically enrolled in Get Paid Early!

¹ Truity Credit Union may make incoming electronic deposits available for use up to two banking days before the scheduled deposit date. Weekends and federal holidays are not banking days. Early availability of deposits depends on when the notification of the deposit is received by Truity. This notification can vary and is under the control of the payor of the deposit – not Truity Credit Union. Early deposit is not a contractual obligation and does not guarantee future early deposits.