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Truity Credit Union Blog > February 2024 > Introducing our Interactive Teller Machine

Introducing our Interactive Teller Machine

  • 2/20/2024

What is an ITM?

An ITM, or Interactive Teller Machine, looks similar to a traditional ATM; however, it offers an array of services and capabilities that traditional ATMs do not.

For instance, using an ITM allows users to deposit checks, make bill payments, withdraw cash, transfer funds from different accounts, and much more! The reason these machines are referred to as ‘interactive’ is simply because they provide users with the ability to chat with a live teller virtually.

Due to the nature of this new technology, implementing these machines has allowed us to welcome even more team members to the Truity family to fulfill these roles of interactive live tellers. So, even though you are using a self-service machine, there is someone ready to assist you.

Our live ITM specialists will be available from 8am-7pm Monday through Friday and 9am-1pm on Saturdays. Our machine will also be available as a standard ATM during non-business hours. By introducing these machines at each of our Truity locations in the future, we will be able to better assist our members.

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