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Truity Credit Union Blog > November 2022 > A NEW Dashboard for Managing Your Credit Card

A NEW Dashboard for Managing Your Credit Card

  • 11/21/2022

We’re pleased to bring you a new and improved dashboard to manage your Truity credit card in digital banking!

Your new dashboard offers a more seamless user experience with the classic features you’re used to. This new way to manage your credit card is available on all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. To access your new credit card dashboard, log in to digital banking, tap your credit card account, select Manage Credit Cards.

Will I have to re-enroll my card? No, your current card information is transferred over from the old system. Simply accept Terms & Conditions the first time you access the dashboard and you’re in!

Will I have to set up my alerts/notifications again? Yes, please see the “Notification Settings” section to view the wide-ranging options for setting up alerts. We’re bringing your more options, which means you have more control over your card’s activity.

Enroll a New Card

  1. Select SERVICES from the navigation menu.
  2. Tap ADD CARD.
  3. Enter your card number, cardholder information and card nickname (optional).
  4. Click the ADD button, and you’re done!

Once inside your dashboard, you will see your account summary and a menu for features available to you.

Account Summary

Your Account Summary shows your current balance, available credit, statement balance, payment due date, and your minimum due amount. You can view transactions performed by pending, posted, or all. You also have access to download and print your eStatements for up to 24 months.

Make a Payment

You have options! If you are making your payment from a Truity checking account, you can Make a Transfer through Truity digital banking.

To make a credit card payment through this new platform, tap the “Make A Payment” button on the navigation menu and follow the setup process

  1. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions, click NEXT.
  2. Choose your payment account.
  3. Select your payment date.
  4. Select the amount to pay, then click NEXT.
  5. View the confirmation, then click ACCOUNT SUMMARY to return to the dashboard.

Payment Activity

To view your payment activity, tap the “Payment Activity” button on the navigation menu. This will show what payments have been posted or scheduled.


To view your monthly credit card statements, tap the “Statements” button on the navigation menu. Your Statement Summary will show you your current balance, available credit, credit limit, payments & credits and more.

From the Statement Summary page, you may enroll in eStatements via desktop. Select “eStatement Enrollment” and follow the steps to completion.

  1. Download the PDF to access the confirmation code.
  2. Enter the confirmation code. A green check mark will appear, then click NEXT.
  3. Enter the email address where you prefer for your eStatement to be delivered by Click UPDATE and type in your email address. Click SAVE.
  4. Verify your email address is correct, then click NEXT.
  5. Read and Accept TERMS & CONDITIONS, then click SUBMIT.

Once your eStatements are processed, you may view and download them from the eStatement section of the Statement Summary page.

Notification Settings

To set up notifications and controls for your credit card, tap the “Notification Settings” button on the navigation menu. Inside notification settings, you can set your Control and Alert preferences for each card you have added to your dashboard.

Control Preferences can be set to limit your card activity. You decide how your card can be used, how much it can be used for, and where it can or can’t be used.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are traveling or live internationally, you will need to add a region control to allow your card usage in the area you are traveling to.

Alert Preferences allow your card to be used anywhere, but notify you of when, where, and how your card was used.

Alerts set up in the old system will discontinue two weeks after launch, so be sure to have your new notification preferences set and saved.

Lost or Stolen Card

To report your card lost or stolen and turn off card availability, tap the “Lost/Stolen Card” button on the navigation menu. Provide us with a few details by following these steps:

  1. Select the description that best describes what happened, Click NEXT.
  2. Tell us when and where your card went missing.
  3. Confirm your information is accurate, click NEXT.
  4. Select any transactions that were unauthorized by you, click NEXT.
  5. Review your information, then click SUBMIT.

Questions? Give us a call at 800.897.6991. We are happy to help!