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Personal & Consolidation Loans
as low as  8.00%  APR11

Personal loans offer fixed payments for the life of your loan. If you’re thinking about consolidating debt, replacing credit cards with a loan or financing a large purchase like an air conditioner, backyard pool or vacation, a personal loan is a great way to go. Common types of debt that can be consolidated include credit card balances, taxes, student loans or medical bills. If you owe thousands on loans like these, consider combining your debts into a Personal Loan or Advantage Personal Loan.

Personal Loans for $500 or more

Personal loans are perfect for paying for a vacation, remodeling a room, or paying for school. With Truity's easy application, you'll be on your way in no time!

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Advantage Personal Loans for $5,000 or more

Truity's Advantage Personal loans are perfect for when you need a little bit more cash. Whether you are consolidating debt, considering major home remodels, or making several large purchases, Truity has you covered.

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Type/Term APR
Personal5 Up to 60, 12 Months Per $1000 11.25%
Advantage Personal11 60 month, Min $5,000 8.00%
Advantage Personal11 72 month, Min $20,000 9.00%
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Personal Loans: Choose any amount for up to 60 months with an APR5 as low as 11.25%.

Advantage Personal Loans: Choose a minimum of $5,000 for 60 months with an APR11 as low as 8.00%; or a minimum of $20,000 for 72 months with an APR11 as low as 9.00%. Advantage Personal Loan origination fee is 2.21% of loan amount, not to exceed $300.

Fixed monthly payments and fixed rates make it easy to set up automatic payments. No prepayment penalties. Manage your loan in digital banking.


5. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rate subject to credit approval. Loan payment example: $5,000 at 11.25% for 60 months=$109.34 per month. Personal loans are cross-collateralized. Terms up to 60 months. Other rates and terms available. See credit union for details.

11. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. With approved credit. Rates and terms are based on creditworthiness. Payment example: $10,000 borrowed at 8.00% APR for 60 months = $202.76 per month; your actual payment may differ based on your qualifying rate, amount borrowed and loan term. Origination fee is 2.21% of loan amount, not to exceed $300. These loans will be cross-collateralized.

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